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Tocumwal – Harcourt Granite.

Project Description

This incredible property is built on the banks of the Murray River, Many feature walls for front facade and front staircase built using Harcourt Granite from Castlemaine, internally the rock was also used on two fireplace’s creating an eye-catching feature in the rooms. The granite was laid in a random dry stack¬†method with a 5-7mm mortar joint around the joint to prevent any creepy crawlies from making the gaps home, this method was used on both exterior and interior.

Each of the blocks was worked with hammer/chisels/grinders to fit into that perfect spot, essentially creating a massive 3d jigsaw puzzle, this job from start to finish took 8 months on site and when fully completed consisted of 3 fireplaces (2 indoor and 1 outdoor) and many outdoor feature walls.

Project Details

  • Date May 21, 2018
  • Tags Carving, New Construction, Rock Construction
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