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Natural Stone Restoration and Repair

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Stone houses have enduring and charming qualities about them with an aura of timelessness, we at Wilmoore Allstone believe in the value of heritage architecture and are determined to preserve it in the best possible way.

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At Wilmoore Allstone we work closely with both architects and clients to ensure that works are carried out to the highest standards using traditional skills and techniques. Although we use traditional methods and techniques in many areas of our work, we also have up to date equipment to enable us to be more competitive.

We source only the best materials from various quarries in and around Australia and sometimes other parts of the world. We take accurate detailed measurements and templates to ensure quality of the highest standard. Our stonemason are able to produce all types of stonework for the restoration of cathedrals, churches, stately homes and which often involves delicate tracery panels, windows, doorways, copings, columns and balustrades, as well as stone for high specification new build projects.

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