We are wrapped to be expanding into the Sydney market, and in doing so we are looking for an Experienced Stonemason and an Apprentice Stonemason to join our team.


We are looking for a fantastic-experienced stonemason to join our team. Outstanding management skills, natural initiative and industry experience is a must as this role will require you to lead the way on all of our Sydney projects. To apply, please click here.


The future will be very exciting for our new apprentice stonemason!

With no experience needed, this is a fantastic opportunity to start an amazing career with a fantastic team to support you. We are looking for someone who is willing to learn the art of stone masonry, has great initiative and is wanting to start their career right away! To apply, please click here.

As these two new Sydney roles become available, we are pleased to announce that we have commenced our next project in Glenhaven, NSW! We are looking forward to having our two new Stonemasons join us to complete it, very soon!

Back in Victoria, things are still busy as usual! Our team has been working on projects (big and small) all over the state, producing incredible works-of-art; They really are! In Melbourne, we have recently begun a collaboration with EMOC Developments on a major project in Toorak using Bruhn Limestone. This is going to be a big one, and we cannot wait to share the final result with you all soon.

So, that’s all from us now! Please don’t forget to share our job opportunities with friends and family who you think may suit the job!