The Wilmoore Allstone crew gets a fresh face.

This month we welcomed Jarrah MacGregor onboard as Wilmore Allstone’s newest apprentice. Hailing from Geelong, Jarrah is 28 years old and has started off well. As always we’re pumped to have a new team member and can’t wait to see what’s to come!

Ceres Project Update

June has been a huge month for us so far, after taking down the scaffolding on our Geelong project in April it has been all hands on deck. This month we started the process of laying 101 round stone columns at on the Geelong project, which is utilising solid South Australian Limestone. We’ve also laid about two kilometres of mould around the verandah of the stunning home!

South Australian Limestone is the perfect natural stone to add to any project with a lovely warm colour as well as a fine, unnoticeable grain it is a super versatile stone. South Australian Limestone is the perfect compliment with any home whether you’re planning a  traditional build or have a more modern project.

More snaps from our Geelong project are on the horizon so make sure you stay in the loop by following us on Instagram, Facebook and Linked In see the final product!