Our newest job is a Toorak home that will be the first of its kind. Wrapped in Mount Gambia Limestone, this house will be built completely with environmentally friendly materials.

Windows will be cut high into the street facing stone surface to provide natural light and privacy. Additional openings will be carved out of the stone surface of the north facing walls and in front of a significant outdoor space that will form the centre of the house.

Designed to run using minimal energy input, this Passivhaus and Living Building Challenge home will achieve a comfortable internal temperate with an uninterrupted building envelope, triple glazed windows and a very high performing insulation.

The House will be self-sufficient in managing its water and wastewater and has a photovoltaic cell system with battery storage to meet the house’s total energy needs.

We are excited to work on this environmentally conscious, innovative project alongside John Wardle Architects.