Our Top 3 Preferred Stones To Work With

We are honoured to have been entrusted to complete many different projects over the years Hand-carving quality stone is part craft, part art. Our stonemasons have spent countless hours carefully selecting, designing, and carving high-quality natural stones for the projects we undertake. It’s a labour of love. We have worked with all types of stones throughout our time, and these are our top three favourites.


It is extremely durable and weather resistant, making it the perfect stone for inside and outside your home. It is one of the easiest stones to mould and carve to shape ensuring extreme precision for the desired look. Most limestones are relatively light in colour, meaning it’s versatile and can match your home style and décor. It is one of the more cost-effective natural stones that doesn’t sacrifice elegance and is easy to maintain. Our Limestone is sourced locally from Mount Gambier, South Australia



Popular throughout Australian architecture, sandstone has withstood the test of time. Distinct by its varying hues, sandstone offers different tones, banding patterns and textures. It is a durable and versatile stone that adapts to any environment. It’s a low-maintenance stone that invites warmth in all spaces and has a strong visual impact.







Bluestone is another durable natural stone. Its high density means that it is incredibly strong and can withstand the high heat and cold weather fluctuations that Melbourne is renowned for. It’s another cost-effective stone that adds warmth and richness to its environment with deep colours that come in shades of blue, grey and purple. Bluestone continues to be a favourite due to its versatility in application.

If you’re interested in adding a touch of class to your home with any stone of your choice, we can help you. Wilmoore Allstone offers anything from hand-carved stone homes to feature walls