Located in the picturesque Portsea on the Mornington Peninsular, our team has begun a very special restoration project to restore the stunning Delgany estate.

If properly installed and cared for, natural stone is a sustainable and sturdy material that should last a lifetime. However, while natural stone is a durable long-term material, with time, restorations are necessary to repair any wear and tear and ensure the structural integrity of the stone. When it comes to the Delgany estate it was built 100 years ago; therefore, restoration is required for maintenance and to ensure it can be preserved for many years to come.

The Delgany estate is a National Trust classified, Heritage Victoria listed, Luxury residential estate. Today it is home to 18 spacious apartments in the castle, 9 townhouses and 6 lifestyle houses spread through the grounds. Built on 9 acres of parklike gardens, the Delgany estate  has a scenic backdrop that amplifies the beauty of the stone castle and its history.

The castle was developed in 1923 by Architect Harold Desbrowe-Annear. It was constructed in Mount-Gambier limestone and has castellated parapets and towers, which give off a gothic, medieval appearance.

This project saw us restoring this esteemed property to its former glory. To do so, we reinstated the stone through sandblasting and cleaning. Sandblasting is a common finishing technique that is used to create a unique natural look. This will blend into the rugged exterior of the castle from the original build.

In addition to this, we also repointed the stone with lime and putty. Repointing is required when the mortar deteriorates and falls out over time, leaving behind gaps between the stones. Our restoration will reinforce the structural integrity of the estate and bring it back to its prior grandeur.

Once repairs are complete, they will need to cure and set then the castle will be as good as new.