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Keilor Lodge.

Project Description

On this larger scale job in the heart of Melbourne’s west, we used South Australian Limestone from the Bruhn Quarries. To proportion the scale of the house properly we had to blend some quarry stock standard moulds with some of our own custom¬†designed moulds to create the large parapet mouldings, really finishing off this job well.

Each of the mouldings around the curved windows were carved by hand to ensure the curve was perfect and nothing was out of place. All stone mouldings and stone surfaces were sanded to perfection to ensure that in any light or any time of the day no shadows were visible from edges of the blocks. This job will be finished off by the construction of a front fence in the same South Australian Limestone to tie it in nicely with the building.

Project Details

  • Date May 21, 2018
  • Tags New Construction, On-Going Construction
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