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Rock Construction.

Rock Construction

Wilmoore Allstone has years experience in the design, production and installation of unique rock construction for our clients. From stone houses, stone feature walls, stone fireplaces and chimney’s a design can be tailored to suit any client’s property, the surrounding area and their own individual style.

Stone construction is quickly becoming a step forward in a sustainable future, when home combine pleasing aesthetics and intense practicality with a powerful sense of place. Stone homes set new standards for beauty, durability and efficient use of natural resources.

With stone coming in so many sizes, shapes, colors and textures people have an endless variety to choose from. Each type of stone having its own unique characteristics to suit any project, such as homes, fireplaces, retaining walls, barbeques etc.  

Building with stone has a lot of other advantages as well, not only for its durability and versatility but also its weather friendly, cost effective, low maintenance, fire resistance, sound control and its environmental benefits

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