Project Description

Delgany Estate

Delgany Estate

Location: Portsea
Service: Restoration
Stone Type:
Mount Gambier Stone

The Delgany estate is in for an exciting transformation, as we have been contracted to bring it back to its former glory over the next three years. This project will unfold in carefully planned stages.

The first stage, already completed, involved restoring the two impressive turrets on the rooftop. These iconic features, which had seen better days, have been given a new lease on life, setting the stage for the rest of the project. Right now, we’re in the midst of the second stage, where we’re working on a modern gym and spa building. The third and final stage, will see the castle itself brought back to life removing over 100 years of mould and grime.


  • Treat the stone to remove all the grime and mould over the last 100 years
  • Remove the cement mortar¬†
  • Wash/treat stone
  • Repoint the mortar joints with lime putty so the stone can breathe properly
  • Seal stone to finish the restoration works

About the Estate:


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