Project Description



Location: Springvale
Builder: CTM Constructions
Service: New Construction
Architect:Ron Lewis
Stone Type:
South Australian Limestone, South Australia (Bruhn)

Some Jobs are just a pure pleasure to work on, this being one of them. Everything from the amazing clients, the quality builder all the way to the talented architects, everything just went very smoothly on this build.

This project was enormous especially being in Springvale, but the clients had a strong bond with this area and that wasn’t going to stop them build their dream home. A lot of the moulds were carved on-site, Due to the clients wanting something different from the Bruhn range. A design was thought up and agreed upon and the team cut, carved and finished these pieces entirely on-site.

The Dorma windows on the roof were a nice touch deciding to use stone mouldings instead of the foam/rendered ones to keep the colours consistent over the whole of the build. The stonework wasn’t exclusive to the exterior of the house, we carved a beautiful stone fireplace in the living room, and there was also a water fountain inside in the front entrance of the house that trickled from the 2nd story to the ground floor into a pond with large goldfish. It is quite spectacular.

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